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Science Bulletin Boards

By Zemen Marrugi, M. Ed.

As a classroom teacher, I am always interested in creatively displaying my students’ work. Here are three different types of Science bulletin board I created for my classroom that you may find helpful to use in your classroom. Remember, productive bulletin boards catch the students’ attention with a colorful and original layout, engages them in the content and proudly affirms their individual work.

I designed this bulletin board to creatively display a cross-curriculum assignment I had my students work on in Reading and Science.

I painted this full wall display in the hallway because I wanted all of the students in the grade level to predict what our next unit was going to be about in Science. Needless to say, they were not only on point with the predictions, but also very enthusiastic about the content we were going to learn.

I made this bulletin board at the beginning of an ecosystem unit. The display was a great way to remind the students the important role photosynthesis played in the environment.


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Classroom Bulletin Boards

This sentence express bulletin board creatively displayed our student work.

By Zemen Marrugi, M.Ed.

As you prepare your classroom for the new academic year, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your classroom bulletin boards.

Front of the Classroom Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards in the front of the room need to contain information that will be changed or updated on a consistent basis. The information on these boards will be frequently viewed by the student so you want them to be fresh and relevant to the current curriculum. In the past, the front bulletin boards in the front of my classrooms have been covered with word walls, parts of speech and even  concept/question (Open Court).

Middle of the Classroom/Side Walls Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards that are on the side of the classroom can display poster boards that contain information regarding the content that is being taught during that specific month. These bulletin boards should be updated once a month. The side bulletin boards can also display a data board that displays target academic scores or at grade level proficiency expectation.

Back of the Classroom Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards on the back of the classroom can display great examples of student work or an Effort Creates Ability concept that displays student work that has demonstrated great amount of improvement over a certain period of time.  You can also display a current news bulletin board here and give students the opportunity to bring in news clippings of material that is discussed in the classroom.

Outside the Classroom Bulletin Boards

Make the decor on these bulletin boards more seasonal and creative so that it not only grabs the attention of your students, but for every other student, teacher, parent and visitor that walks through that hallway. Artistically display student work on these bulletin boards, while providing formative feedback on how they can improve their work.

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